Melbourne’s Best Breakfast

By William Rainbird

Melbourne’s Best Breakfast

For a city renowned for its brunch and coffee culture, we pick out our favourite inner city cafes. From hole in the wall spots that can barely fit 5 people to full industrial fit-outs that include an on-site roastery - we got you covered.

Axil Coffee Roasters

One of the first and best, Axil is one of the original Melbourne roasters to ride the 3rd wave of coffee. Axil source their coffee beans by going directly to the farmers they have built relationships with. Locations are all over the CBD but their headquarters in Hawthorn is the best to visit. Recently re-fitted, the space is large but welcoming. The menu has old favourites with new twists and changes every season. Guaranteed your coffee will be amazing!

Mixed Business

Neighbourhood favourite Mixed Business is a sure winner for anyone in the Clifton Hill area. The staff are lovely and the interior is delightful. There is a wonderfully lush courtyard in the back that is a perfect place to enjoy an iced latte during the summer Make sure to check out their hot roll specials, which change on a daily basis.

Maillard Toast and Espresso

A small but worthy addition to a list of Melbourne breakfasts the ‘toast bar’, as it is commonly known, is a wonderful place for a big piece of toast. It may sound simple, but with Dench bread baked down the road and more filling versions such as the ‘Margherita’ with tomato passata, bocconcini and prosciutto, you can’t go wrong. There are 7 seats inside and in the winter, the window seats are covered in a wonderfully cosy throw to keep you warm while you sip your Allpress coffee.