How to Survive Manhattan

By William Rainbird

How to Survive Manhattan

Trains, big city blocks, hot dog stands - the Big Apple can be an equally confronting and exciting place for a first time visit. Let’s get you a leg up so you can do more of the latter.

Firstly, the Subway is your best friend to help cross the big metropolis. All New Yorkers know that the best way to cover ground is to go underground. Get yourself a pass the minute you arrive. Taxis may be the way to do it in the movies, but in real life you’ll get stuck in that infamous city traffic.

Let yourself get lost! Sure, there are a heap of ‘must-do’ and ‘must-see’ sites in any guidebook. Definitely make sure you check them out - including the Met, Central Park and the Statue of Liberty. However, leave yourself some time to get lost. Set out with a specific goal in mind but let yourself wander and see what stops you along the way. You might find an amazing restaurant or meet some new friends or stumble upon some other extraordinary experience.

Finally, eat! They say America is a melting pot and New York is right in the centre of it. Every kind of imaginable food, all in one place. From the hot dog stands on every street corner to Michelin starred restaurants, you can’t go wrong with any meal. Last time we were there, we ate a slice of pizza as a snack every day, each time from a different pizzeria!